Cake Flavors:                                         Filling Flavors:

Chocolate                                  Chocolate ganache

Vanilla                                        Raspberry

Spice                                         Lemon

Carrot                                       Cream Cheese, Orange Cream Cheese

Lemon                                       Hazlenut

Red Velvet


All cakes are priced per serving.  A serving is the industry standard of a 1x2 inch piece of cake that is 4 inches tall.  If you feel that you want to serve larger pieces, you will need to order more cake. 

Buttercream frosted cakes are $3.00 per serving and fondant covered cakes are $3.50 per serving.  Any basic decorations are included in the price, there is an extra charge for fresh flowers, unless you provide them.    

Round cakes:                                                              Square cakes:

4"- serves 5                                                                 4"- serves 8

6"- serves 10                                                                6"- serves 18

8"- serves 20                                                                8"- serves 32

10"- serves 35                                                              10"- serves 50

12"- serves 55                                                              12"- serves 72

14 "- serves 75                                                             14"- serves 98

For example, if you have 50 guests and want a 3 tier cake;  you could choose 6", 8", and 10" tiers, frosted in buttercream, for a total of 65 servings and a cost of $195.00.  There is a $25 delivery fee outside of the Northwest Las Vegas area.



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